Gordie Howe or “Mr. Hockey” as he is known, has passed away at the age of 88, but his accomplishments on the rink will never be forgotten. 

Gordie Howe’s name is always mentioned with the greats-Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Bobby Orr, and Mario Lemieux for example.

While those great players certainly deserve to be in the conversation, Gordie Howe should still be described as the best hockey player to ever lace up skates.

While players like Gretzky and Orr may have been more talented or technically sound, very few players we able to consistently demonstrate greatness over a period of time like Gordie Howe.

Many fans are memorized by Jaromir Jagr‘s seemingly ageless career and while it is certainly impressive, he still has  to play for five or six more years to threaten Howe’s 2,186 game career.

Howe gave hockey fans much more than just the “Gordie Howe hat trick”, a game in which a player tallies a goal, assist, and a fight.

Part of Howe’s greatness was his uncanny ability to play at a high level over time.  He may have not always made the fanciest move or the clutch play, but he was a reliable player that would produce year in and year out.

Howe still holds records for most regular season games played (1,767) and most regular season games played with one team (1,687, Detriot Red Wings).

Howe’s contributions to hockey lasted long past the ending of his career as he continued to make appearances at various hockey functions around the world.

While Howe played most of his games with the Detroit Red Wings, it was the New York Rangers who initially showed interest in the talented young player. The Rangers wanted the rights to Howe but he declined.

Touche Mr. Howe.

Howe wan’t just a great player but also a great ambassador for the game of hockey. Hockey fans will forever be grateful for his contributions to the game.

Rest in peace Mr. Hockey.

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