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New York Yankees Make A Cancer Patient’s Afternoon

The New York Yankees continue to define the word ‘hope’ with their latest Hope Week endeavor.

Meet Marybell Ruiz. She is a mom who has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and is fighting for survival.

Unless you are a person who has experienced the illness, the level of fear running through Ruiz’s head is unfathomable as she tries to stay present for her children.

Debbie Sardone, the founder of ‘Cleaning For A Reason’, has a mission of providing maid service to those suffering from cancer. The New York Yankees decided to join her.

In their annual mission, since 2009, of providing aspirations to people who are currently in doubt through ‘Hope Week’, the Yankees continue to amaze.

Joe Girardi, Carlos Beltran, Starlin Castro and Jacoby Ellsbury joined Sardone in cleaning Ruiz’s apartment and providing the woman with an unforgettable moment.

In addition, it was Ruiz and Sardone who got the distinct chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Tuesday night.

Just when you thought major league baseball players were self-centered, illegitimate individuals, you read this story.

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