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Top 10 Second Basemen In New York Yankees History

9. Jimmy Williams (1903-1907)

As many know, up until 1913, the New York Yankees were not the New York Yankees. They were referred to as the New York Highlanders when the Baltimore Orioles moved to the Big Apple.

Jimmy Williams was a key piece with the Highlanders for five years, standing out in what was a mediocre time period for the franchise.

He hit .261 with 358 RBIs in five years in New York. He was steady and consistent, never driving in less than 62 runs and never driving in any more than 82. He was a general bright spot on a team that was not quite pennant worthy but had three winning seasons during his tenure.

If you take into account his two prior years with Baltimore in which he hit .315 and drove in a combined 179 runs, it only strengthens his case.