Tonight, one of the New York Yankees newest yet proudest traditions will begin for the eighth consecutive season. 

HOPE Week is just another demonstration of how the New York Yankees are the greatest organizations in sports. They go up and beyond winning championships and give back to the ones who are less fortunate.

For those who are new to this unique tradition, HOPE (Helping Others Persevere & Excel) Week is a week-long community program that showcases five extraordinary stories intended to invigorate individuals into action in their own communities.

Each day, they share their inspirational stories of an individual, family or organization’s stories deserving of recognition with Yankees players, fans, and the media, while giving the recipients the day of their dreams. In comparison, it’s almost like the Make A Wish Foundation if it were primarily based on the Yankees.

Despite the fact that each day features a once in a lifetime celebration on the grass of Yankee Stadium, the outreach of the program takes place in the community in which the honoree is a part of.

At the completion of the latest six weeks, the Yankees have been praised with the President’s Volunteer Service Award which is the “premier volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition.”

The awareness that HOPE Week has brought to different causes and charities has transformed lives enduringly for the much greater good.

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According to their site, inside three weeks of acknowledgment during the 2011 celebration of HOPE Week, Daniel’s Music Foundation increased the quantity of students in its program from 150 to 250, enabling 100 added handicapped men, women, and children in New York to obtain free therapeutic music lessons.

That’s just one of the many success stories in addition to the trend that the team has started.

The Minnesota Twins have been invigorated to hold their own HOPE Week the last five years while other organizations and community groups have also produced “weeks” inspired by what the Yankees started back in 2009.

The Yankees’ eighth-annual HOPE Week gets underway on Monday when the Bombers host Angels and will conclude on June 10 when the Yankees face off against the Tigers.

While some would argue that the week in late October in which the fall classic is held is the most important week for the New York Yankees, HOPE Week comes very close, if not, tops the World Series as the most prominent week for the boys in pinstripes.

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