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Could two teams separated by a subway make the perfect trade with each other?

It all depends on who you ask and which side of the argument you fall in line with, but the New York Yankees and New York Mets both have pieces that each other need and should make a move in 2016 that would benefit both teams.

First, let’s squash the critics who are going to say that Mets and Yankees won’t trade with each other because evidence suggests differently.

In 2001, the Yankees traded outfielder David Justice to the Mets in exchange for third baseman Robin Ventura.

In 2003 the Yankees acquired Armando Benitez from the Mets, and in 2004 the Mets traded Mike Stanton back to the Yankees for Felix Heredia.

Yes, there have only been 15 trades between the franchises, but it does happen.

Secondly, Yankees fans are chomping at the bit that the perfect trade would be for Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, or even Zack Wheeler. Whoa! Slow down the horses because who (unless you are dreaming) would think the Mets would do that?

There is just no way the Mets would part way with the strength of their team unless they were blown out of the water with an offer.

The Yankees could blow them out of the water with players like Aaron Judge, Jorge Mateo and Gary Sanchez but the Bronx Bombers have made it pretty clear those players are going nowhere.

So who else could the Yankees package to get one of the great Mets’ pitchers? There is nobody else currently on the roster. So let’s move past the thought – as great as it would be for the Yankees – and get to the real trade both teams could make.

Other than offense, the Mets’ biggest need is late-inning bullpen help. They need someone either to close out games for them, even though Jeurys Familia is the current saves leader; or they need to plug someone in as a bridge to Familia.

The Yankees have the perfect fit for the Mets. Have you heard of No Run DMC?

Behind door number one is Dellin Betances. Betances has been phenomenal for the Yankees ever since he became a full time regular on the major league squad in 2014.

He was an all star in 2014 and 2015 and is trending that way for 2016. In this year’s campaign, Betances has an ERA of 2.59 with 47 strikeouts in 24.1 innings pitched. He’s signed through 2016, but is arbitration eligible.

Door number two of No Run DMC comes in the form of Andrew Miller. Miller, just like Betances, has been brilliant since joining the Yankees in 2015.

Last year, the Yanks closer racked up 36 saves, with a 2.04 ERA. Even more impressive is that he had 100 strikeouts in 61.2 innings pitched. Miller is off to another blazing start in 2016 with 6 saves and an 0.87 ERA. He’s signed through 2018.

Finally, door number three is fireballer Aroldis Chapman. Chapman has been considered on of the top closers, if not the best closer since 2012.

The Cuban Missile has averaged 36 saves since 2012 prior to joining the Yankees, and has been as advertised in 2016, with 7 saves after serving his 30 game suspension – Chapman is signed only through this year.

Who are the Mets going to get rid of for one of these dominant arms that would be a perfect fit for the Yankees?

This is what factors on which side of the argument you fall on. If you fall on the side that the Yankees need to continue to get younger and start transitioning to their youth, then the Mets have the perfect prospects.

If you think the Yankees need to just stand pat, then there is no perfect fit.

The Mets could package some prospects such as shortstops Amed Rosario and Gavin Cecchini, pitcher Marcos Molina, and outfielder Brandon Nimmo.

All of these prospects have not reached triple A ball yet, with the exception of Nimmo.  Rosario is the highest ranked prospect on the Mets at 73 on MLB’s 100 top prospects of 2016. Cecchini is the only other one on the list at number 81.

Why in the world would the Yankees trade away any of their three stud bullpen arms for the 73 best prospect in the MLB? The Yankees need to get younger and this is how they would do it.

Chapman and Betances could potentially be gone after this year.

The perfect trade for both sides would be the Yankees sending Aroldis Chapman to the Mets for a package of highly ranked prospects like mentioned above.

Chapman comes in slightly above Betances as the better option because he has the closer experience, and on a lighter note, it would be more favorable for the Yankees to keep the homegrown 7th inning setup man.

What could be more perfect Yankees’ and Mets’ fans?

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