NBA Finals: Steve Kerr Has A Problem With His Clipboard

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr got caught up in a heated moment of Game 1 of the NBA Finals and broke his clipboard.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is typically a mild mannered guy. You don’t see him get upset on the sidelines coaching and you never heard him raise his voice when he was working as an analyst for TNT.

Normally he doesn’t have much to be upset about.

That’s why what took place tonight in Game 1 of the NBA Finals was so surprising.

The head coach of the Golden State Warriors was upset with the officiating and his team for letting their lead slip away.

The former champion decided to take out his frustration on an inanimate object, his clipboard.

Take a glance at the video above. Kerr, as ESPN’s Mike Breen puts it, performed a move on the clipboard that would have Bruce Lee blush.


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