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With his recurring injury, Mark Teixeira would provide the New York Yankees a better service on the disabled list.

It is old news by now: Mark Teixeira’s performance on the field has been horrific and does not appear to be getting any better.

To make matters worse, he is not seeing the chance to right the ship due to recurring neck spasms.

There is absolutely no reason to make excuses for Teixeira.

Having said that, he is not a .195 hitter and is certainly not a player who hits 11 home runs in a full season. Something has to be off.

The neck spasms that sidelined him just a couple of weeks ago will keep him out of action for a minimum of two more days.

It’s not hard to conclude that Tex’s health issues, his neck in this case, have negatively impacted his performance.

At this point the Yankees should seriously consider placing Tex on the 15-day DL.

Joe Girardi has stated that a DL stint is not being discussed (above), but it just might be the right course of action.

15 days will not only provide Teixeira an opportunity to recover physically, but also mentally. For a player who usually excels at the plate, he looks miserable.

It’s time for Tex to clear his head.

Negative thoughts of “when will I be able to produce again” have to be withering through the first baseman’s brain every time he steps up to the dish.

Not only can a brief DL stint help Teixeira recover but it can help the entire Yankees’ roster. Having damaged goods like Tex on the bench, who is technically on the DL, is certainly not the way to approach the situation.

The Yanks are basically a man short on the bench but have few formidable first base options.

By DL’ing Teixeira you free up a roster spot that can be used to the club’s advantage. They can fortify the bullpen on a given day or call up someone like a Nick Swisher to fill the everyday first base duties.

Dustin Ackley and Austin Romine would be servicable fill-ins but are not every day major league first basemen.

Swisher, a guy with a major league track record and experience at first could fill in handily and add a decent major league bat with pop to the lineup.

By keeping Teixeira on the active roster to work out his neck problems the Yanks are basically abandoning two versatile bench players in Dustin Ackley and Aaron Hicks.

Austin Romine is another option, but he is also your backup catcher.

If the Yankees want Mark Teixeira to recover mentally and physically they will have to give some thought to sidelining him on the disabled list rather than leaving him as dead weight.

Otherwise, he will return on Sunday and start the same cycle all over again.

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