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The New York Yankees First Quarter Report Card


Following a 5-2 west coast swing that featured five straight wins on the latter end, the Yankees will start an imperative nine game AL East slate.

They have three game sets against Blue Jays at home, the Rays in Tampa, and then the Blue Jays again in Toronto. If they truly want to make further advances in the division, they should shoot for 6-3 in that stretch.

Overall, 45 games separate now and the all-star break for the Yankees. Looking up and down, their schedule is not overly daunting.

The Yankees must aim for a 25-20 (.556) record in those 45 games at the very least. That would leave them at 46-42 (.523) at the break, on pace for 85 wins, and poised for a second half run barring health of course.

Nonetheless, the Yankees saved themselves and their season with a recent scorching stretch that also bumped up their grade for the first term.

First Quarter Grade: C

If you have any personal refutations regarding the evaluations or the overall grade, feel free to leave comments and get your opinions heard.

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