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Most Exhilarating Brawls In New York Yankees History

Winslow Townson, AP
Winslow Townson, AP

Baseball news has been highlighted by a nasty brawl that took place on Sunday but the New York Yankees have seen their fair share of fights as well.

By Christian Kouroupakis

Fans of the New York Yankees found pleasure in watching Blue Jays’ slugger Jose Bautista take a sucker punch to the face courtesy of Rougned Odor.

If you didn’t know who Odor was before Sunday, you sure know his name now following the ignition of one the more vicious brawls in recent baseball history.

After a ruthless slide into second by Bautista in the eighth inning of the Rangers’ 7-6 win Sunday, Odor took exception to the slide, shoved the five-time All-Star followed by a right hook to his jaw.

Is this a bat flip response? Maybe, but did you know that there have been some unforgettable brawls and sucker punches that occurred throughout the history of baseball’s greatest franchise?

Bench clearing brawls have been part of baseball history since it’s creation back in the latter part of the 19th century and the Yankees have featured in some of the most epic fights of all-time.

So… which was the greatest of All-Time? Certainly some of the fights in recent Yankees’ history has topped the Odor/Bautista scuffle we witnessed this week but to decipher which one was the most exhilarating is a tall task.

In honor of Sunday’s brawl, here are the most entertaining fights in recent Yankees’ history.