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New York Yankees’ Chase Headley Finally Smacks A Home Run (Video)

Do you believe in miracles? Perhaps after witnessing New York Yankees’ Chase Headley smack his first home run of 2016, you now do.

Well, it took 228 days. Chase Headley finally kissed first base goodbye and moved on to greater heights.

In the third inning of Thursday night’s series finale against the Royals, Headley sliced one five rows back in the left-field seats. The two-run shot gave the Yankees a 3-0 lead at the time.

The Yankee third baseman is still batting a dismal .185, but it is certainly a start. His marriage with first base and, more particularly, the batter’s box seems to be coming to a crashing finish. Well at least the Yankees hope.

Mentally, the knock has to help Headley get on track. Organizationally, the Yanks have to hope this is a sign of more things to come.

For now, it is a start. Headley has met some new friends around the diamond that he only needed to drive the ball a little further to find.