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New York Yankees Crank Five Home Runs In Three Innings

The New York Yankees have demonstrated their true potential with five home runs in the first three innings of Monday night’s contest. 

There is nothing like an insane power display, but hitting five home runs in three innings in an invigorating and uplifting event.

In the first three innings of tonight’s ballgame against the Kansas City Royals, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Brett Gardner, Aaron Hicks, and Beltran again all smacked home runs to right field off Chris Young.

Young became the seventh starting pitcher in history to surrender five long balls in three innings or less.

It was also the first time the New York Yankees have done that since August 1st, 2001, when Chuck Knoblauch, Paul O’Neill, Alfonso Soriano, Derek Jeter, and Tino Martinez did it against the Texas Rangers.

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