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New York Yankees: The Five Greatest Mother’s Day Performances

Seth Wenig, AP
Seth Wenig, AP

Over the years, the New York Yankees have had some magnificent play by their players on a day in which we honor Mothers everywhere. 

By Christian Kouroupakis

Sometimes, the day in which we pay tribute to the most prominent person in our life brings out the greatest of performances. This century, we have played witness to exceptional play by New York Yankees‘ players on Mothers Day.

Instead of the common “Thanks for being the best mom ever!” card or a bouquet of flowers, Yankees (and any athlete for that matter) can give their biggest fan and supporter a memorable performance on the diamond.

After all, a mother’s support on an athlete can go a long way. They’re constantly by your side through anything and everything.

Your Mother is the one who never converses over anything wrong about a rough game you had and is the one who takes you for sundaes after you go 4-for-4 with a homer (thanks, Mom!).

Hearing your Mom singing your name on the sideline and freaking out whenever you touch the ball may distract you at times, but it’s the greatest support you’ll ever endure from any fan.

For professional athletes, it doesn’t change. They were once little leaguers too. Having their Mom take them to every game and sacrifice a lot if not everything to make sure you have the best opportunity to achieve greatness goes a long way. Not just sports, but in life in general.

Today, ESNY takes a look back at the greatest performances by New York Yankees players that gave their Moms a tremendous “thank you” for being their rock in the difficult route to the Major Leagues.