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The 10 Best Catchers In New York Yankees History

Jae Hong, AP
Jae Hong, AP

There have had some gutsy and competitive catchers gear up and experience a surplus of success for the New York Yankees. 

By Christian Kouroupakis

Call it luck, but the New York Yankees have had the benefit of longevity and success from their backstops which has presumably helped the franchise become one of the greatest in the sports world.

The catcher is not only the most significant position in baseball, but it’s coupled with being one of the most physically demanding positions on the diamond.

A good catcher that can be the manager on the field, solid with the glove, and be able to smash with the lumber are certainly hard to find.

You could compile a hefty list of elite outfielders and infielders but in terms of great or even above average catchers? Not many. Buster Posey, Russel Martin, Salvador Perez, Yadier Molina, and maybe Brian McCann are a few, but all in all above average catchers are in the minority.

Evidently the Yankees have had more catching greats than any other team. From Bill Dickey to Jorge Posada, they have not only provided with insane defensive showcases and offensive outbursts but are the focal point of some of the greatest moments in franchise history.

In the first of many Elite Sports All-Time New York Yankees position rankings, we spotlight the greatest catchers to every wear navy blue pinstripes.