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Mike Francesa Preaches Patience With Chase Headley, Changes Stance 3 Days Later

Mike Francesa isn’t worried about the New York Yankees’ Chase Headley starting slowly. Fittingly, he changed his stance a few days later. 

Diet Coke dingus and New York sports radio host Mike Francesa has been watching baseball for a long time. Yet, it’s comments like this that seem to make him no more knowledgeable than you or I.

For a man that has been in the sports media industry as long as he has (and condescends so many of his callers) all we can say is: Really, Mike?

Sure, just change your stance on a player three days after you claim it’s necessary to give him another two months. Okay.

I’m surprised he hasn’t clamored for Matt Harvey to be sent down after his slow start. You spill your Diet Coke today, Mike?

H/T: RNs_FunHouse

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