Prior to Tuesday’s contest with the Rangers, the New York Yankees did what they have a track record of doing: make someone’s dream come true. 

By Christian Kouroupakis

Tracen Visage, a 13-year old from Coppell, a suburb located in Dallas, is a longtime New York Yankees fan and is currently battling end-stage kidney failure.

Marc Ramirez of the Dallas News reported that Tracen’s baseball coach, Kevin Brand, contacted Yankees during their travels to Texas and proposed a meeting between Tracen and his favorite baseball team. The Bombers didn’t disappoint.

According to Ramirez, Tracen spent time with Carlos Beltran and Starlin Castro to stretch on the field and manager Joe Girardi stood by his side to watch batting practice from behind the cage.

“He’s been talking about this nonstop,” Visage’s mom told the Dallas Morning News. “This is just a dream come true for him.”

For Visage, his favorite part came later in the evening when he got the opportunity to meet his favorite player, CC Sabathia, and Alex Rodriguez.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Tracen said to the Dallas News. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I just look up to these guys so much.”

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Tracen was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure back in 2009 and has been going for regular dialysis treatments. A major impact of the disease is a delay in growth so the eighth grader has not grown much and is significantly smaller than most kids his age.

Despite meeting his favorite baseball players is a dream come true, the real dream for Tracen is to receive a kidney transplant. Once he does, he’ll likely head on over to New York to visit the team he had an impact on at Yankee Stadium.

This is why the Yankees will always be one of the greatest franchises in sports. They constantly work with community members, people in need, and more to enhance the quality of life in those who don’t have it so good.

Bravo Bombers. This is just an example of a class act move by an A-Class organization.

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