New York Yankees

Not only did Michael Pineda get bombed and the New York Yankees spanked, but Alex Rodriguez got injured against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The homestand of horrors for the New York Yankees was appropriately capped off on Sunday as No. 2 starter Michael Pineda was bombed in an 8-1 loss against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Not only that, but designated hitter Alex Rodriguez left the game thanks to an oblique injury.

Obviously, due to the veteran slugger’s age, worries will prevail in the Bronx.

“Yeah, I worry,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi told reporters. “Hopefully whatever it is is really, really minor.”

Dustin Ackley pinch-hit for A-Rod in the bottom of the sixth-inning, confirming everybody’s fears of an injury.

The most troubling thing is not that A-Rod left due to injury, but that it’s an oblique, as those tend to result in a stint on the DL.

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  1. Finally some good luck. Now with the $25,000,000 dollar .100 hitter no longer batting clean-up and being an automatic out every time his number in the batting order comes up, maybe we can win some games.