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New York Yankees: Five Strongest Outfield Arms In Team History

5. Jesse Barfield

His tenure in New York wasn’t long (1989-’92) but Jesse Barfield has to be one of the most underrated ballplayers I can think of.

Barfield had a jaw-dropping cannon that was one of the most accurate of his time. On a daily basis, the two-time gold glove award winner would throw perfect strikes from right field to home.

It was common knowledge to never get greedy and take an extra base with Barfield in the outfield. That is just begging for trouble.

In his twelve-year major league career, he threw out 162 runners including 46 in his four years sporting Yankee pinstripes.

If it weren’t a “Yankees” list, Barfield would run circles around everyone on this list. But since his time here was limited, he’ll stay at number five.