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New York Yankees: Five Strongest Outfield Arms In Team History

Honorable Mentions

These players are honorable mentions because they simply didn’t spend much time with the Yankees, but their cannons are too good to ignore.

Bobby Abreu:

Abreu not only had one of the strongest arms of his time, but his preciseness was one of the main reasons why he recorded 136 outfield assists during his 18-year career.

He played in the Bronx from 2006-’08.

Raul Mondesi:

Mondesi was nicknamed “El Cannon” therefore he deserves some recognition on this list.

His tenure in pinstripes was short (169 games) but Mondesi had one of baseball’s strongest arms of all time. His resume includes two gold gloves and five seasons in which he recorded more than 10 outfield assists (’94,’95,’96,’97,’01).


Ichiro spent three years with the Yankees but his vintage defensive days took place during his time with the Seattle Mariners.

From 2001-’10, the Japanese icon won a gold-glove in every year and he was so filthy in the outfield that runners wouldn’t even bother running on him.

Ichiro currently owns the third most outfield assists among active players with 118.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Carlos Beltran, Gary Sheffield, Andruw Jones, Jay Buhner