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New York Yankees: Significant Reasons Why You Should Remain Optimistic


There is no team in the American League East that appears to be the “favorite.”

The Toronto Blue Jays have a juggernaut offense and put that on display last week, but their pitching is still shaky while their bullpen isn’t necessarily dependable. At least, not as dependable as New York’s ‘pen.

The Boston Red Sox enhanced their pitching rotation with the addition of David Price, but the rest of the staff is a question mark and certainly nothing the Yankees can’t handle.

The Baltimore Orioles have sprinted out of the gate, but their inconsistent pitching will ultimately be their downfall and I fully expect the Rays to finish at the bottom of the division.

The Yankees are far from a perfect club, but there is enough talent for this team to win the division or at least clinch one of the two Wild Card spots in October.

So, to the fans who dedicate themselves to the Yankees, take a page out of Aaron Rodgers’ playbook and just R-E-L-A-X.

It will be panic time if New York is sitting ten games under .500 in July or August, not 11 games into April.

There is plenty to love about the 2016 New York Yankees and a rough stretch that will inevitably turn around should not have you giving up on them just yet.

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