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New York Yankees: Significant Reasons Why You Should Remain Optimistic

Hot Starts For McCann, Castro, and Beltran

These guys, who are undoubtedly key components to this Yankee team, are off to encouraging starts through the first 11 games of 2016.

Brian McCann has brought a selective approach to the plate and it has certainly paid off. According to PITCHf/x data, New York’s catcher is swinging at a mere 12.5% of pitches out of the strike zone strike zone. In comparison, his career rate is 29.2%.

His plate discipline is a huge reason why he is slashing .333/.444/.805 with two home runs in 30 at-bats.

It took two years of having a .200 hitter man the position, but it seems as though the Yankees have found their second baseman, and his name is Starlin Castro.

In 42 at bats, Castro has a .333/.378/.925 slash line with two home runs and a team-leading nine RBI.

The three-time all-star won’t be what Robinson Cano was during his tenure in the Bronx, but he’s loving New York and is coming off an appearance in the National League Championship. This kid is bringing a lot to the table.

In 18 games during last year’s opening month of baseball, Carlos Beltran went 11-for-68 with a slash line of .162/.216/.265 and he failed to hit a home run.

Despite the slow start, the Yankees stuck with him and their right fielder ended up being their most consistent hitter.

In the second half of 2015 Beltran slashed .292/.364/.513 and cranked 12 home runs while driving 37 RBI. He even won the American League Player of The Month for August after batting .353 with five home runs, 15 RBI, and a 1.067 OPS.

During the poor start for the Yankees’ offense, he’s carried that play over into this season. Beltran leads the team with a .341 batting average (min. 20 at bats) and has a team-leading three home runs.

Having hot starts for two guys that are getting up there in age and a young stud who has tapped into his potential in New York is a very promising sign for success down the road in 2016.