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2016 NBA Mock Draft 1.0: Post-NCAA Tournament

Kathy Willens/Associated Press
Kathy Willens/Associated Press

Our first NBA mock draft comes to you in the wake of Villanova’s incredible championship win over North Carolina. Is it draft day yet?

By Chip Murphy

The NCAA Tournament ended with Villanova’s incredible buzzer-beater against North Carolina in the National Championship. Some of the top college players have already declared for the NBA Draft, with April 24th being the early entry eligibility deadline.

The NBA Draft is typically very unpredictable. There’s very rarely any prospects that are sure things and in the 2016 year, it’s no different. Once you get beyond Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram there’s nothing but question marks. That’s part of what makes the draft so interesting.

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It also makes working on a Mock Draft so difficult. The draft can be truly ridiculous. Judging an international player from his best work on a Youtube video isn’t easy and neither is predicting how the strange minds of NBA general managers work.

This mock draft is going to lean towards team needs before the best player available. Enjoy the first version of our NBA Mock Draft to hold you over from your post-NCAA Tourney bliss.

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