The New York Yankees did an extraordinary job pumping up the Bronx faithful with this 2016 Opening Day hype video. 

For 181 days, we wait.

Wait for the warm air, the sound of the catcher’s mitt popping, and when a batter connects on a home run.

We wait for beautiful artistry that is baseball, something that has been in our lives for over a century.

For the 2016 New York Yankees, they have waited 181-days to embark on their “Chase for 28.”

Stacked with young superstars, a historic bullpen, along with a veteran presence that has been there before, the Yankees are ready.

Ready to prove to the baseball world, and to the City of New York, that legends never die.

Ready to prove that even with the doubt, the questions, and the negativity, that they’re more than capable of bringing the commissioner’s trophy back to the Bronx.

Strap in, Yankees’ fans. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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