MLB: 10 Bold Predictions For The 2016 Season

4. Robin Ventura is the first manager fired

Honestly, Robin Ventura is probably being granted a solid if and when this comes to fruition. You’d have to think it’s going to happen eventually right? And Ventura is a solid guy. Always a hard-nosed gamer in his day—you’d have to be to charge Nolan Ryan, wouldn’t you?

The White Sox were thought to be potential contenders last season, but spotty play cost them early. Who knows if there’s dissension in the clubhouse falling the Adam LaRoche saga; maybe the band of brothers will unite, a rally of the troops? Sure. Anyway, though owner Jerry Reinsdorf stands by his hires, it seems unlikely he’s going to let losing fester on too much longer with the same results year in and year out.

While the Sox boast potential AL Cy Young candidate Chris Sale, and an offense that boasts the power that is Jose Abreu, Todd Frazier and interesting pickups in the form of center fielder Austin Jackson, this is a reason to believe the Sox might be on the verge of breaking out from the hole of mediocrity, but it’s all of nothing for Ventura in 2016.