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New York Yankees 2016 Season Preview & Predictions: ‘The Chase For 28’

Players To Watch

Alex Rodriguez: 

A-Rod entered 2015 set to answered justified questions concerning his year long absence, and the toll that it could take on his production.

Rodriguez answered those questions with a .250 batting average, .356 on-base percentage and .486 slugging percentage while leading the team in home runs (33).

Here in 2016, he’s not only looking to match, and maybe even exceed, his production from a year ago, but he’s closing in on the best player to ever play the game on the all-time home run list.

Rodriguez is 13 home runs away from joining the 700-homer club and 27 away from the legendary Babe Ruth at 714 on the all time home runs list.

It’s one feat only two players in the history of the game can say they reached, and it’ll be neat to see if A-Rod can do it this year.

CC Sabathia

For the entirety of his New York Yankee career, CC Sabathia has always been the ace of the staff. This season, he is on the starting rotation as the fifth starter, and no one knows how this one will go.

Sabathia has two years remaining on his contract, which will pay him $25 million in both 2016 and 2017.

Coming off a year in which he posted a 4.73 ERA in 167.1, CC is looking to build on a successful September where he posted a 2.17 ERA in five starts with a new knee brace.

Sabathia is also primed for the biggest comeback he’ll probably ever make. He isn’t coming back from an injury, and while he had a down year, he isn’t coming back from that either.

CC is looking to come back from a disease that conquers more and more individuals every year. A disease that Sabathia had the courage to fix at a time when his team needed him the most. He is coming back from a disease so debilitating, it has ruined lives and families all around the world. He is coming back from his fight with alcohol abuse.

Seeing a mind at piece not only helps him find out what kind of pitcher he is now, but it will help him bounce back from a dismal campaign. Good luck big guy.