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New York Yankees: Reasons Why You Should Worry About Miller’s Injury


Is This Just The Beginning?

I apologize for my negativity, but with the injury concerns that flow through the entire roster, this thought is 100% justified.

The rotation is filled with concerns with Masahiro Tanaka’s ticking time bomb (aka: his elbow), Michael Pineda’s shoulder, Nathan Eovaldi’s elbow, and CC Sabathia’s knee.NYY_300_250_v1

The lineup is not only filled with breaking-down veterans like Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Carlos Beltran, but also have players who have always had injury problems like Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner.

Ellsbury has already missed some time after being hit on the hand by a pitch, and catcher Brian McCann has encountered knee problems this spring.

This team has undeniable talent, but the key to success is seeing that talent take the field on a daily basis. If the 2016 New York Yankees are going to contend, staying healthy is imperative.

If this freak injury to Miller, and the odd toe injury to Mitchell are just the beginning, this is going to be one long year for the Bronx Bombers.

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