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New York Yankees: Reasons Why You Should Worry About Miller’s Injury


The Severity Of The Injury Is Unknown

Today, after Miller hurt his wrist, Dellin Betances was all optimistic in the clubhouse saying how in a week the left handed reliever will be laughing about the situation.

Following the contest against the Braves, Brian Cashman said the initial diagnosis is a bone bruise on his right wrist. A couple hours after that, the entire fan base was relieved after an X-Ray came back negative.

Boy was that relief short lived.

At approximately eight o’clock at night, Curry tweeted out that the CT Scan on Millers wrist revealed a chip fracture. The next step, as previously mentioned, is to send Miller to a specialist to determine where to go from here.NYY_300_250_v1

We saw a similar situation with Mark Teixeira last season, when his initial X-Ray revealed no structural damage, but a CT scan showed he had broken his leg. Teixeira went on to miss the rest of the 2015 season.

How long with a chip fracture keep Miller on the shelf for? I don’t know. In fact, only the specialist could tell. But according to bonesfracture.com, a chip fracture can take can take up to two months to heal properly and rehabilitation may be required in severe cases.

So, this injury could be way worse than we think, like Teixeira’s was, and we may not experience “Miller Time” until Mid-May/June.

Of course, it’s only his glove hand but he still has to field his position, cover first base, and be able to go through his normal delivery on the mound.

Taking the way he reacted into consideration (throwing his hat and glove in disgust), it seems as if this injury could lead to some significant DL time.