Top 10 Moments Of Alex Rodriguez’s New York Yankees Career

1. Number 3000

Rodriguez reached one of the most incredible feats a baseball player can reach.

On June 19th, 2015, A-Rod cranked a 95 mph fastball off Detroit Tigers’ ace Justin Verlander into the seats in right to reach the plateau.

He became the 29th player in major-league history to reach 3,000 hits, the first since Derek Jeter got to the milestone in the same fashion.

He, Jeter, and Wade Boggs are the only players to hit a home run for number 3,000.

Many consider the career of Alex Rodriguez to be a fallacy. That steroids have made all his accomplishments little to no value.

Regardless, A-Rod managed to completely spin his image and is now respected by not only his organization and fans, but by Major League Baseball.

His achievements do have value, even if they were influenced by performance enhancing drugs. We may never a ballplayer as interesting as Alex Rodriguez was during his tenure in New York.

Don’t forget, it’s not over yet. I may have to add to this list as soon as this season.

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