The New York Yankees Still Own The Big Apple

The Yankees Will Always Be The Yankees

The number 27 might be the most annoying number to any fan of the Amazins’.

No. Mets fans don’t initially think of closer Jeurys Familia when that number is uttered aloud. They don’t think of the total number of outs that exist in one complete baseball game.

They, along with so many others who hate the Yankees, think of the number of championships the most winningest professional American sports team has compiled in its illustrious history.

And until further notice, the Yankees will be the Yankees.

Yes, the Mets are close. They have completely turned over a terrible roster into a young, exciting group who has now stolen the majority of the New York City baseball headlines.

Sandy Alderson and company have done their job.

Now the only thing that remains is proving it over a consistent period of time, and until that happens, it will be the New York Yankees who own the Big Apple.

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