The New York Yankees Still Own The Big Apple

Yankee Stadium

The Stadium, the Baseball Cathedral, the House that Ruth Built – those are only a few of the many well-deserving nicknames Yankee Stadium has compiled over the years.

There’s very good reason for this. It’s the place magic happens.

It’s the place Game 4 and Game 5 of the 2001 World Series provided magic unlike anything baseball fans have ever witnessed before:

It’s the place Donnie Baseball hit his one and only postseason home run, nearly bringing the house down:

While, of course, it’s now a New Yankee Stadium, the sentiment that this place is the place to be and be seen in baseball and in the city, still holds true.

Until the Metsies rack up a couple World Series titles and give a little more prestige to Ebbets Field Citi Field, New Yorkers understand Yankee Stadium is the place to be seen.