The New York Yankees Still Own The Big Apple


If recent baseball history has told us anything about the landscape of the game, it’s that money is becoming less relevant.

Look no further than the World Series a season ago. The Royals and the Mets, who’ve never prided themselves on spending big, were battling for the top crown in the game.

Major League Baseball has done a tremendous job of making sure parity exists and small-market teams can throw their own weight around in a very unique style.

Still, having money provides a leg up on the competition. While it doesn’t guarantee championships – nor ever has – it does allow a destination of the playoffs to become a real possibility each and every season.

With only that crazy ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers topping the Yanks whopping payroll of $221 million, it’s clear the Bombers are still very rich.

Besides, the Yankees never have to hear the name Bernie Madoff, which is always a tremendous positive.