The New York Yankees Still Own The Big Apple

The Biggest Star Resides In The Bronx

The tag-line of “The Dark Knight” is one hell of a thing. There’s no question about that. This is especially the case considering The Dark Knight rose from the Tommy John surgery that halted the superhero.

And thanks to Matt Harvey taking center-stage (sorry Michael Kay) in Game 5 of the World Series against the eventual champion Kansas City Royals last season, he’s been more noticeable in the media than that of Donald Trump during the GOP run.

However, there is one baseball player in New York who is still a bigger star than Harvey.

His name is Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod is the quintessential baseball star. He’s the all-time great, the Hall of Fame-caliber player.

He’s the guy who’s only 27 round-trippers away from tying Babe Ruth on the all-time standings – a mark that is very realistic to reach in 2016.

Alex Rodriguez is the biggest star in New York baseball until further notice.