New York Yankees: So This Is What An Aroldis Chapman Fastball Sounds Like (Video)

For the first time ever fans had a chance to witness what the New York Yankees full three-headed bullpen monster looks like, including Aroldis Chapman.

So this is what a flaming-hot Aroldis Chapman fastball feels and sounds like?


Damn, especially for catcher Brian McCann. I pray to god that man is wearing some “athletic” support, just in case.

In any event, video has emerged giving fans their first opportunity to witness the entire three-headed monster of a New York Yankees bullpen that has been assembled.

The newly acquired Chapman, Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, and even C.C. Sabathia are seen here throwing out of the bullpen in Tampa, Florida:

Not a bad foursome.

Even if Chapman does wind up missing some time due to suspension, Joe Girardi‘s pen should be guns-a-blazing in 2016.

H/T Twitter, @FeinsandNYDN

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