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NFL: Jared Allen Announces Retirement Like A Boss (Video)

Jared Allen just announced his retirement from the NFL in the most Jared Allen way possible (video). We’re going to miss this guy. 

What great player wouldn’t want to end their career by literally riding off into the sunset?

Jared Allen, you get an “A” for effort. The Cowboy hat, stallion, and boots were all there only for mother nature to ruin the scene. It just had to be cloudy, didn’t it?

Allen fell just shy of capturing a Super Bowl championship, but that won’t tarnish a stellar career in which he recorded 136 sacks, and will be in the discussion for the Hall of Fame when his time comes.

For those who have followed the NFL somewhat closely, you’ll know Allen has a terrific sense of humor that is unrivaled in its originality.

The NFL is going to miss this guy. Mullets, extra mayonnaise, and chest hair, will never be the same.

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