Take quick gander at this. Kentucky head coach John Calipari doesn’t just get ejected from the game against South Carolina, he loses his mind.

John, be easy. You can’t be going this nuts during a Saturday matinee game against the South Carolina Gamecocks until 2:26 into a 5-2 game.

You’re now 57-years of age. Think of your family and how they’d love to keep you around for a while free of this stress and aggravation.

It’s obvious Coach Cal didn’t take that advice today.

Check out the video for yourself (above). Just 2:26 into the game, Calipari loses his mind on the officials after a South Carolina foul was called, strangely enough.

What was said or why Calipari felt so “touched” at the time remains more of a mystery than a certainty.

Per Scott Gleeson of USA Today, during the game two years ago, Calipari was frustrated when officials didn’t call a foul when it appeared Alex Poythress was fouled.

Perhaps it’s something about the Gamecocks scene that gets Cal’s blood flowing.

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