New York Yankees

Nothing quite like a Twitter battle to spice up the dormant MLB offseason, as the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs fired back at each other.

The New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs are friends. Well at least we thought they were, after an offseason trade sent Starlin Castro to the bronx. Today, they went back and forth in an entertaining Twitter battle:

Once that poll was brought to light, you better believe the Yankees would answer with one of their own:

When in doubt, always refer to the trophy case. It’s forever the safe play for the Yankees and the most common insult for Cub fans. So, what else did you expect?

I thought the two clubs were friends, and the Cubs apparently thought so too:

After some thought, the two sides decided they could be friends after all:

We thank you, Yankees and Cubs, for giving us some good entertainment as we patiently await spring training.

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