Super Bowl 50: Von Miller Strip Sack Leads To Denver Broncos TD (Video)

The first touchdown of Super Bowl 50 goes to the Denver Broncos after Von Miller strip sacks Cam Newton near his own goalline.

So far, so not what many expected.

Instead of the regular dominance we’re used to seeing from the Carolina Panthers on both sides of the line of scrimmage, it’s been the Denver Broncos who’ve dominated the trenches.

Peyton Manning is managing the game beautifully and the Broncos running game is working. More importantly though, the Denver pass rush is getting after the 2015 NFL MVP in Cam Newton.

They’ve sacked Newton twice thus far and pressured him a couple times as well. One of these pressures resulted in the first touchdown of the game.

Von Miller strip-sacked Newton around the three-yard line, resulting in a fat-man touchdown from Malik Jacksoon:

The score is currently 10-0 in favor of Denver with just a minute remaining in the first quarter.

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