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Five Super Bowl 50 Storylines To Keep Your Eye On

1. The Traditional QB vs. The New Breed

Cam Newton made headlines last week when he said, as an African American quarterback, he scares people because there’s, “nothing they can compare me to.” As an onlooker, I think the best aspect of sports is making comparisons between new age players and players of the past.

There are certainly aspects of Newton’s game that are similar to that of other players–his ability to use his large body-frame to shed off tacklers and avoid sacks. For example, he’s similar to Big Ben–but as a complete player Newton is certainly one of a kind. He’s the new breed of quarterback. He’s big, strong, and fast; capable of making all the throws. And he’s flashy.

That is exactly why his matchup with Peyton Manning‘s Broncos is such a fantastic storyline–the new breed of quarterback goes up against the traditional quarterback. The confident, flashy touchdown celebrator goes up against the modest, strictly-business game manager. Whatever happens on Sunday, Manning’s legendary career is likely to come to an end while Newton’s is just beginning. The question is, which one will end/begin on a high note?

I'm a senior journalism and communications major at THE University of Connecticut, as well as a die hard Jets and Knicks fan. College football and basketball have their place in my heart, but the NFL is my pride and joy.