NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made one of the most ignorant comments you will ever hear at his press conference earlier today. 

2016 is only 5 weeks old and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already positioned himself at the forefront of the “most ignorant comment of the year” award.

Was he just being sarcastic? One would hope so, but you can never be sure knowing the controversial Goodell. Either way, his comments came off as rather distasteful.

I’d also like for Goodell to describe said risks of sitting on the couch. Quite frankly, not many come to mind.

It’s not just the pure ignorance of his comments, but the arrogance too. Does he take the reporters, who follow the NFL for a living, for a bunch of gullible children?

Please feel free to leave some big bid risks of couch sitting in the comments section below.

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