Joe Montana To Perform Super Bowl 50 Coin Toss

It has been revealed that none other than Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana will perform the coin toss at Super Bowl 50.

Former Super Bowl NFL quarterback great Joe Montana will officially do the coin toss at this year’s Super Bowl, via ESPN.

With the Super Bowl in the Bay Area it’s only fitting that Montana does it, since he was the greatest to play in that area. Montana spent most of his career with the San Francisco 49ers, won four Super Bowls, and is a three time Super Bowl MVP as well.

He will be joined by other NFL greats who played in the Bay Area like Marcus Allen, Jim Plunkett, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young.

The coin toss is always a thing to watch in the Super Bowl mainly, probably cause someone special does it. However, since it’s done prior to the game itself, it definitely won’t have much of a say in the results. In the previous Super Bowls combined, 24 of the 49 teams that won the coin toss, went on to win the game which is slightly less than 50 percent.

Still, with Montana, who may still be the great QB in NFL history, it sure should still be a thing to watch before the game.

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