The NHL All-Star weekend ended in the most unlikely of ways with John Scott scoring two goals and earning the MVP award.

By Chris Wengert

You probably have never heard John Scott speak in an interview prior to the 2016 NHL All-Star game.

And why would you? The six foot eight enforcer has only scored a grand total of five goals in eight seasons in the NHL.

Once Scott was voted into the NHL All-Star game however, that all changed. Reporters were chomping at the bit to interview the humble winger.

If you have heard Scott speak on one of these interviews, you would quickly realize that he’s just one of the guys.

No ego, no arrogance, but rather a person who had a once in a life time opportunity fall in his lap. However this opportunity would quickly become not just a  blessing, but also a curse.

Let’s all be honest, it probably started as a joke.

You can just imagine a couple of clowns sitting around saying “Hey, let’s get John Scott voted into the All-Star game, that would be hilarious”.

Not only was Scott voted into the game, but he was also named Team Pacific’s Captain.

Cue the mass panic and hysteria.

The NHL, Phoenix Coyotes, and purist fans collectively had the same thought:

“There is no way John Scott should be in the All-Star game.”

And all of those groups tried their darnedest to keep the enforcer out of the All-Star festivities. It was speculated that Scott’s trade to Montreal came at a curious time, and would most likely keep him out of the game.

Just like that John Scott went from being a quiet, unassuming glorified AHLer, to All-Star Captain.

That is when Scott decided to tell his side of the story in an article for The Player’s Tribune.

The article is heartbreaking.

It’s heartbreaking because you hear about Scott the person, not the goon. We learned that he has dreams, just like you or I. We learned that he has a family that has sacrificed for those dreams, just like many of ours have.

And we learned that the disgraceful, unwarranted embarrassment John Scott experienced was awful for him.

We learned that Scott had something so precious (his All-Star gloves), literally taken right out of his hands.

That is why what happened last night was so…perfect.

John Scott scored two goals, his team won, and he was named the most valuable player.

Because of all of this, John Scott is a hero.

Scott is a hero because he stood up for what is right. While the NHL was busy embarrassing itself by trying to pull Scott from the All-Star game, he held his ground.

Scott is a hero because in a world that is full of negativity and cynicism, he gave us all something to smile and be proud of.

At the conclusion of the final game, NBC’s Pierre McGuire interviewed Scott. That’s when the crowd started chanting MVP.

Was it a close Game 7 thriller? No. it was however, one of hockey’s best moments from recent memory. 

Not because of amazing skill or athleticism. But because a man showed us that being a decent, positive, passionate person does pay off.

On this day John Scott, you are a hero.

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