Brian McCann – 479 plate appearances, .245/.317/.432, 107 OPS+, 3.1 zWAR
Austin Romine – 302 plate appearances, .241/.282/.379, 83 OPS+, 0.8 zWAR
Gary Sanchez – 446 plate appearances, .240/.291/.434, 99 OPS+, 1.9 zWAR

One position the Yankees are really banking on the depth they have is catcher. Following the trade of John Ryan Murphy in order to add some outfield depth in Aaron Hicks, the Yankees are really banking on Brian McCann staying healthy this year, with a combination of Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez playing a part when needed as well. It’s likely Romine starts the year as the backup, but could be pushed out of that role with a strong performance by Sanchez in the minors at the start of next season. Either way, the Yankees have needed depth.

1st Base
Mark Teixeira – 350 plate appearances, .238/.331/.464, 119 OPS+, 1.5 zWAR
Greg Bird – 518 plate appearances, .252/.324/.486, 122 OPS+, 2.0 zWAR

While quite a few Yankees fans are upset that Greg Bird may start the season in the minors, or in a utility role, it is really the best strategy for the team in 2016. Bird did fill in admirably for Texieira in 2015 when the former was injured, but when Tex is healthy he should be the starter. Given his age, Tex is prone to injury and could see another DL stint in 2016. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to have Bird as an insurance policy. Bird’s ability to also play third base, DH, and even outfield in a pinch allows him to be insurance for a few other players as well. Once again, having depth should benefit the Yankees in 2016.

2nd Base
Starlin Castro – 639 plate appearances, .274/.310/.405, 98 OPS+, 2.2 zWAR
Dustin Ackley – 448 plate appearances, .253/.310/.415, 100 OPS+, 0.7 zWAR
Rob Refsnyder – 539 plate appearances, .248/.318/.395, 98 OPS+, 1.9 zWAR

Out of all the positions in the starting lineup, the Yankees made the biggest upgrade at second base. After spending the 2015 season using a combination of Stephen Drew, Brendan Ryan, Rob Refsnyder, and Dustin Ackley, the Yankees will go into 2016 with Starlin Castro as their starting second baseman. The team did have to give up the aforementioned Ryan as well as Adam Warren, but the Yankees are better after that trade. Refsnyder and Ackley provide depth at not only second base, but also elsewhere in the infield and outfield respectively.

3rd Base
Chase Headley – 581 plate appearances, .251/.329/.398, 102 OPS+, 2.7 zWAR

At third base the Yankees really only have one player to count on in Chase Headley. Obviously, either Alex Rodriguez or Greg Bird, or even Castro or Refsnyder, can fill in in a pinch, but Headley will likely see the bulk of playing time at third. Headley also has a good track record of staying healthy, which should allow him to stay on the field for much of next season. Third base should be quite consistent for the Yankees in 2016, but once again the depth is there if it is needed.

Patrick is a recent graduate of the University of California San Diego where he studied Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. He is also a lifelong baseball fan and has dreams of one day watching a Major League game in every stadium.