Shannon Sharpe Provides Epic Burn Towards The New England Patriots

Leave it up to the anything but mild-mannered Shannon Sharpe to rub the salt into the wounds of New England Patriots fans just a little more.

Times change, trash talkers do not.

This is event the case when the trash talker is well past his prime – even past his prime in the CBS booth.

Former Denver Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe is no stranger opening that big mouth of his. In fact, he did it yet again through Twitter yesterday after his former team beat the New England Patriots 20-18 to advance to Super Bowl 50 (tweet above).

Of course, this one mirrors a moment he had with the New England fans decades ago:

Obviously, Pats fans weren’t too pleased about Mr. Sharpe’s comments. But hey, nobody is feeling bad about that spoiled fan-base.

H/T Twitter

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