For one on-ice hockey official, he had enough of the nightly abuse and let it all go.

It started normal enough.

But the end result was anything but.

In something that could only be seen out of a Paul Newman cult-hockey film or at your local junior hockey game, a three-way tango between the London Lakers and Kingsville Kings broke out.

The raucous occurred in a game from November 20th.

How the bouts occurred was not caused by your usual garden-variety goalie interference penalty. No, the teams started sparring after a Lakers player was seen purposely running into the Kings goalie, knocking him over nonchalantly.

After play came to a halt, the two teams met in the middle of the ice. That’s when the fighting ensued.

Three different fights occurred simultaneously. Fans of the New York Rangers immediately recall the three-way brawl at center ice between the Rangers and Devils.

Of course, the officials attempted to separate the players, trying to restore order. However, that’s when the unthinkable happened.

Official #19 said enough was enough, and shoved one of the Lakers players down to the ice.

His act wouldn’t go unpunished as the Lakers team trainer leapt off the bench and tackled the official.

According to, the referee was given the Pete Rose treatment and banned for life from the league.

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