The ghost of Ray Finkle haunts the Vikings this afternoon, after the potential game-winning 27-yard field goal goes left of the uprights.

With the game on the line and a virtual chip shot to create one of the biggest upsets in the playoffs this season, the improbable happened.

With less than half a minute left in a frigid, low-scoring affair between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahaks in this afternoon’s first Wild Card game, all the stars appeared to line up for the team in purple.

Vikings place kicker Blair Walsh had one job to do, to pull an Adam Vinateri on the heavily-favored Seahwaks.

One problem, he had Jeff Locke holding for him.

Earlier in the game, he did the most taboo you could do to a place kicker in a game: tee the football with the laces facing inward.

Yes, Locke pulled a Dan Marino on Walsh. He may have gotten away with it the first time. But, not twice.

This brings up memories of Ray Finkle and the Miami Dolphins, humorsly portrayed in the popular comedy Ace Ventura.

It seems the football gods decided to play the cruelest joke on Walsh and the Vikings, bursting their playoff hopes on the simplest of plays.

At least they will be remembered in history, just not the way they wanted.

For Walsh, he joined the ranks of Finkle and Scott Norwood to have the ugly distinction of missing the very thing they specialize in, kicking a field goal.

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