The design of this year’s NHL All-Star jersey again boggles the minds of many hockey fans, and may not help in attracting new fans.

If you hadn’t noticed, the NHL released the jersey combinations for this year’s All-Star game in Nashville, TN later this month.

First question: who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

At first glance, it looks like a another version of the Pittsburgh Penguins. But looking closer, a fan is able to discern that it is not. On, they provided an explanation of this year’s features and how it pays tribute to the host city.

Further in the article, Brian Jennings, the NHL’s Chief Marketing Officer, added:

“With creative support from Reebok’s design team, the jerseys reflect the deep bond the Predators have with the music community, the city’s growing passion for hockey and the All-Star Game’s showcase of the best players in the League.”

Seriously? This is the result when two large companies get together and brainstorm for one of the NHL’s biggest spectacles of the year?

It looks like something a cabbie would wear. Better yet, it could be mistaken for the NHL’s effort to form their own taxi company for fans to transport All-Star weekend.

Black, Yellow, and White? At least the yellow and white are relatable to the Predators jersey colors. But, black? Where did that come from?

Ok, ok, it’s supposed to resemble “…keys on a piano to celebrate the city…” Well, it sure as heck, does not look like a piano at all.

The blue color of the Predators logo, aside from the yellow, stand out as the most telling of the team. Ask any hockey fan, and they could associate those two colors with the franchise in Nashville.

This looks like another attempt, or lack there of, to design an eye-catching jersey that fans want to buy.

If the NHL was looking to push away fans from tuning into the All-Star festivities at Bridgestone Arena, who were already disgruntled with the naming of John Scott as a captain, job accomplished.

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