The J.J. Watt-led Houston Texans made Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars wish they had stayed in sunny and warm Florida today.

You can’t cover him, you only hope to hope to contain him.

That’s probably what the Jaguars coaching staff was thinking, heading into a matchup with d the Houston Texans.

With virtually nothing to play for but pride, the Jaguars set out to spoil the playoff hopes of the resurgent Texans.

One problem, they had to contend with a guy named J.J. Watt, who was the in the face of Bortles all-day. He would go onto lead the Texans to a playoff berth with three sacks and one forced fumble.

So how do you celebrate? With a happy dance! (Video Above.)

Well, at least it was better than the Elaine Benes dance from Seinfeld.

Sweet Fancy Moses, was right Mr. Costanza.

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