Jim Kelly

It’s been 20 years, but Hall of Famer Jim Kelly still has the hands and arm that made him great.

Sometimes, bad things for one team turn out to be good for another.

In the game between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills this afternoon, New York was deep in their own endzone and needed to punt the ball away.

Good snap, but bad kick.

Punter Ryan Quigley punted an errant 21-yard punt that went out of bounds on the Bills sidelines.

Waiting in the wings was NFL Hall of Famer, former Bills quarterback, and caner survivor Jim Kelly waiting in the wings.

After catching the football, he throws the football into the stands of Ralph Wilson Stadium, delighting some lucky fan that was a honor normally reserved for the likes of Andre Reed, James Lofton, or Don Beebe.

Even at age 55, Kelly showed fans he’s still got the “arm” that led the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the 1990’a.

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