With only moments away from the Orange Bowl, take a gander at Bleacher Report’s College Football Playoff hype tape to get you in the mood.

This season’s College Football season is turning out to be unlike any other.

The reason? Well, because the College Football Playoff semifinals are taking place on New Year’s Eve. If there isn’t another phenomenal reason to get excited about ringing in the new year, then I’m just one blind fool.

Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Michigan State are the four who’ve earned their way to the big dance in 2015. Who take the 2015 College Football National Championship is something we’ll just have to wait a week-plus for.

Although we’re just moments away from kicking the tournament off thanks to the Orange Bowl, make sure you check out Bleacher Report’s College Football hype tape to get you in the football mood (video above).

H/T Bleacher Report