With pitching at a high demand, here are the top 5 MLB starting rotations. 

By Aniello Piro

Starting pitching has completely owned the MLB offseason. With teams shedding dollars like there is no tomorrow, and packaging top prospects, teams will do anything to acquire elite starting pitching to bolster their starting rotations.

Two teams in particular have tried to revamp their rotation in the offseason, however, even with all the additions they still have a long way to go before cracking the top five.

The Arizona Diamondbacks shelled out $206.5 million dollars for Zack Greinke, and depleted their farm system to acquire Shelby Miller. These additions were great, but they have yet to transition into wins.

The Boston Red Sox shelled out $217 million dollars to David Price this offseason. $217 million for a guy to go to work every fifth day, and go in to hibernation come playoff time.

We have seen how far teams are willing to go to make their team look better on paper, however, even after shelling out all these dollars they will not crack our top 5.

Here are your top 5 starting rotations in all of baseball:

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