Sign Yovani Gallardo

Last season, Yovani Gallardo went 13-11 and had an earned run average of 3.42. While those are not the best numbers in the world, they are good enough for a number three or four starting pitcher.

Even as he closes in on his 30th birthday, Gallardo is still one of the most reliable and consistent starters still on the market. To be honest, I’m surprised that a team hasn’t taken a chance on him. Especially when the chance is minimal.

In 247 career games, 244 of those as a starter, Gallardo is 102-75 and has an earned run average of 3.66. Those numbers, as well as his 2015 numbers, don’t jump off the page, but do scream consistency.

The current New York Yankees starting pitcher rotation is Tanaka, Pineda, Eovaldi, Sabathia, and Severino. If the Yankees trade Gardner for either Salazar or Carrasco and sign Gallardo, their starting rotation could be significantly better. Their rotation could be Tanaka, Pineda, Eovaldi, Salazar (or Carrasco), Gallardo, and Severino. I understand that there are six starting pitchers there, but with the innings limit placed on Severino, this rotation makes sense.

Two deals involving starting pitchers makes this Yankees starting rotation much more formidable.

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